Truth: Fresh Ideas Xcelerate your Results

The Business Xcelerator Happy Hour (BXH2) is a one of a kind event for entrepreneurs and business owners. Come build relationships and share big ideas without all the trappings of traditional “networking” events. We are committed to building a monthly event that is high on relationship building, exceptional on idea sharing, and extremely low on commercials, sales pitches and spam.  

Truth: Networking Meetings Suck

As Business Owners and Entrepreneurs we don’t have time for 30-second sound bites, door prizes, sponsorships and hype. We need real relationships with emotionally intelligent peers, who help us see, size-up and solve our biggest challenges. Whether that comes from a shared experience or a connection to the right resources, BXH2 is about being a giver and helping someone else win.

  • Cooperation and Collaboration…not Competition
  • Big Ideas Shared…no sales pitch
  • Nothing to join, no dues, no memberships
  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs only

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BXH2 Rule Book

1. Business Owners and Entrepreneurs only
2. Bring Smart People with you, Givers
3. Help someone else win
4. Register by Monday if you are coming
5. Do not be ‘that guy’



1090 Texan Trail, Grapevine, TX