Sometimes the seeds of one’s future require many seasons before they sprout…and one might not even know they had been planted. Ever the guy with a camera in hand, documenting deployments, training, and postings, Tom finished a fifteen year military career with plenty of experience capturing video on his own, and lots of cool footage, too. After working for a defense contractor for a number of years he realized corporate America lacked much allure for him and returned to his long-time hobby and passion, film making. With no formal training but lots of hands-on experience and a desire to be his own boss he began RL Film Productions in 2012 focusing on marketing, training, and event videos for business clients. Since then RL Films has produced work for companies as small as local dentists and lawn maintainers to major players such as Caliber Home Loans and Zurich Insurance and handled a diversity of topics from police recruiting to the history of the Church of Christ. Tom’s insistence on compelling stories backed with high production value images and the incorporation of cinematic techniques result in videos that engage, inform, and compel.

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